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Menu Fattoush Liverpool

The Lebanese cuisine is widely regarded as one of the most interesting ones around and people from all status. Here at Fattoush Restaurant, we are always striving to provide you the most extraordinary. Let’s get right into it. Our starters are absolutely sensational right at the begining of the day with items like Baba Ghanouj, Loubieh, Moutabal, Fateh Dajaj, Hummus Awarma, etc. Next, you can have a look at some of our Main Courses like Chicken Tawook, Bamieh, Kabseh Chicken, Lamb Chops, Steak of Salmon, etc. which happen to be some of our signature items. However, if the Burger is your thing, you can try out some of our dedicated items like Chicken Fillet Burger, Fattoush Burger, etc. A lot of other side dishes and drinks are available at our store to provide you a wholesome experience. Try us out today and we would surely punch way above your expectations.

About Fattoush Liverpool

We are among the best places in the city where you can get the amazing experience of Lebanese cuisine. It takes us a whole lot of efforts to bring the truest colors of the Lebanese charm by implementing the exclusive flavors that have made it so very lucrative. Our team members also have some of the best secret spice proportions that help us get the most out of the dishes that we have on offer for you. If you are looking forward to having your wishes right at your own house, you might find our home delivery services to be extremely handy for your interest. Our free app is available on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store, such that you can get hold of it and order what you were at any given point of the day. We would make sure that the most sensational dishes in their ultimate versions make their way to your doorstep.

Restaurant location Fattoush Liverpool

We are really glad to be able to serve you from a very pristine part of the city, here at 23 Hatton Gardens, L3 2FE. The brilliant support of smooth transport and traffic that exist here has made it extremely simple for our customers to locate us without breaking a sweat. The huge network of roads that connect this place with every other portion of the city, implies that our home delivery services are equally as prominent. Still, to make our location even more accessible for you as such, we have our app equipped with GPS support. Try us out and we would leave you mesmerized.

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